Vaccinations for India:

  • - Check your regular vaccinations (Tetanus, Polio, Diphtheria, Measles, etc.), they should be up to date.
  • - Typhoid: basic vaccination for all Asia travellers.
  • - Rabies: India is the country with the most human rabies victims world wide. Every backpacker should consider this vaccination.
  • - Japanese B encephalitis: rare disease in tourists, especially long time traveller should think about this vaccine.
  • - Cholera: this disease is exceptional rare in normal tourists in India. But this oral vaccine has a little protective effect against travellers diarrhoe.
  • - Yellow fever: is only mandatory when you arrive directly from an endemic area.


Malaria in India:

In the last decades burden of this diseases diminished nationwide significantly. A throughout prophylaxis is not necessary, but when you travel off the beaten tracks, you should bring your malaria stand by medication with you. Don't forget: "Every fever in and after tropical countries can be malaria and must be ruled out!"

According to local people, malaria in Gokarna is for decades unknown. But keep in your mind, that in spots near by (Hampi, Goa) malaria sometimes occurs.


Mosquito borne diseases:

Protection against this bugs with repellents is vital for your health. Its is better not to have Malaria, Dengue fever, Chikungunya fever,...


Snakes in India:

Snake bites in India are a common problem of local people, sometimes tourist are affected too. More details you can read here: Giftschlangen in Indien (in German)